Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership Promotes Understanding of the Industry, Economic Growth

True to its name, the Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership has become a leading voice promoting the economic impact of the oil and gas industry on the region.

According to Chairman Dave Kirven, the organization’s purpose is three-fold: to promote a understanding of the oil and gas industry; to promote oil and gas extraction efforts that are environmentally responsible; and to encourage the use of Stark County residents and businesses in the development, extraction and processing of oil and natural gas.

As published in ShaleMart magazine
The partnership describes itself as an alliance between local governments, chambers of commerce, labor, education, development groups and employment organizations.

“We believe Stark County is the ideal place for companies involved in the oil and gas industry, and their employees, to locate, live, work and shop,” said Kirven. “Our activities are focused on making that a reality as the fracking boom continues in Northeast Ohio and throughout the state.”

The partnership seeks to assist companies as they move into Stark County by directing them to local services, organizations and businesses that can make their move as seamless as possible.

Stark County boasts major interstate highways, access to rail, a neighboring airport, an abundant supply of water, and major metropolitan areas that offer outstanding residential, dining and shopping opportunities. Those factors and more make Stark County the ideal location for any business.

The partnership also points to Stark’s educated and skilled workforce, as well as the training provided through local colleges, the local building trades, and local employment organizations, as an added benefit to attracting businesses involved in the oil and gas industry.

Each year the partnership sponsors several events and seminars designed to inform and educate the community about the safety and effectiveness of fracking, and to bring together business and civic leaders in a networking environment.

“The Utica shale play continues to become a larger piece of the nation’s energy pie, and Ohio has benefitted immensely from the safe fracking practices that are in place,” said Kirven. “Stark County is experiencing an ongoing influx of oil and gas companies and their support industries, and we will continue to encourage those companies to ‘Choose Stark’ when deciding where to locate in Northeast Ohio.”

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