Monday, June 29, 2015

A New Name, a New Era, and Greater Impact

Over the past few months the Stark County Oil & Gas Partnership has worked closely with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce to plan for the Partnership's first annual Shale Shoot Sporting Clay Championship & Utica Conference, which is coming up Nov. 5 and 6 of this year.

Partnership Chairman Dave Kirven has had a number of meetings and conversations with Amy Rutledge, executive director of the Carroll Chamber, and other representatives to determine ways the two organizations can work more closely together to promote the oil and gas industry in the region.

While Stark County has offered its many resources for company relocation, residents moving into the area, and numerous entertainment, dining and shopping options, Carroll County is Northeast Ohio's hub of activity in the Utica Shale; it's where the majority of drilling is actually taking place in our area.

After ongoing discussions dating back to late 2014, the Partnership's name is changing to the Stark Carroll Oil & Gas Partnership, to reflect the participation of businesses and organizations that are not only doing business with companies in the region, but are located in those respective counties as well.

More details will be shared in the weeks ahead. Stay in touch with the Partnership via this blog, our website, and our Facebook page. And, if you're not already a member, be sure to join to receive all the benefits of membership, including our bi-weekly "Drill Bits" e-newsletter and more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pro Football HOF Village Holds Promise for Region, Building Trades

The news about the Pro Football Hall of Fame and their Hall of Fame Village project just keeps getting bigger, better and more impressive, and promises to deliver a tremendous economic boost to Stark County and the entire region.

As published in ShaleMart magazine
We at the StarkCounty Oil & Gas Partnership are especially excited, because it represents continued diversity to the development of the region. We are already actively involved in the biggest economic windfall to affect the United States in this young century—the expansion and growth of the oil and gas industry. While that is having a positive effect nationwide, the expansion of the Pro Football Hall of Fame will have a significant impact close to home, and is clearly deserving of our support.

David Baker, president and CEO of the Hall, began sharing the potential for the project more than a year ago in speeches and presentations to chambers of commerce and other business groups in Stark County. When he and others involved in the Hall of Fame Village announced the details at a press conference in May, the full scope of the $476 million project became known. It will be exciting to watch the village become a reality in the months and years ahead.

One of the reasons we’re so excited is that the Hall of Fame has a track record of using local contractors and local Building Trades craftsmen, and our area Building Trades are actively involved with the oil and gas industry. Dave Kirven, chairman of the Stark County Oil & Gas Partnership, is also president of the East Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades Council.

“We’ve been in discussions with Dave Baker and others at the Hall of Fame with the goal of securing a commitment to the hiring of local Building Trades craftsmen for the Village project,” Kirven said.

Kirven attended the press conference at which the Hall of Fame Village details were announced, and drew applause from the audience when he assured Baker that the project would “be ready for you when you bring the NFL Draft here in 2019.”

Stuart Lichter, president of the company that is developing the village, assured those in attendance that they would utilize local labor as much as possible.

That’s good news for Stark County. The Partnership applauds the Pro Football Hall of Fame for its commitment to our region, and to the local workers who are helping to build it.

This article was originally submitted for publication in ShaleMart's print and online editions.